Business Performance Management

Business Performance Management

Business Performance Management (BPM) is about how organisations define, assess and improve the delivery of their business goals.. With our diverse network of top business analysts and consultants, we partner with you to design strategies and interventions focused on improving your productivity and performance by developing strategies tailored to your business objectives.


We take great care to understand our client’s  issues, challenges and the industry forces  affecting them in order to create the value  they desire.


While there is no one size fits all approach, a framework can be a useful tool. To analyse business performance management, we set out its component parts in a framework against which you can map your current processes (see the BPM framework image). We hope that the framework will help you to clarify your thinking on BPM, map your current approach against our model and in doing so, identify areas of concern, and explain BPM to others in your organisation.


However, we appreciate each peculiar circumstance and partner with you to find  the right path for the organisation’s journey and provide support in bridging the gap between where you are and where  you want to be.

Integrated Performance Management

Strategy Consulting

  • Visioning & mapping
  • Strategic goals defining and aligning
  • Corporate governance
  • Business planning and feasibility study


Performance Monitoring and Reporting

  • Budget conformance
  • KPI/Metric reporting
  • Performance variance and analysis


HR/Workforce Deployment

  • Skills/competence mapping
  • Individual/Team Goal Setting
  • Employee Performance appraisal
  • Learning Programs


IT Systems & Tools

  • Business architecture
  • Data management
  • System integration
  • Business Insight and Intelligence reporting