Cedar Group

We have been able to create a niche in the market entry space with a focus on Insurance, Technology, and Healthcare. We hold the hands of our clients, as they sojourn into the Nigerian market, ensuring that they succeed within the Nigerian commercial market.

Cedar Group

Cedar Advisory Partners Limited

Cedar Advisory Partners Limited is an investment banking firm established to provide innovative value adding financial advisory & investment solutions to clients.  develop bespoke financial solution for our clients in terms of services and product delivery thereby endearing Cedar to the heart of its clients.

Kerdos Credit Capital Limited is a non-banking financial institution (NBFI) that seek to provide financial services to MSMEs via an array of financial products and instruments aimed at supporting their business operations.  Kerdos seek to bridge this gap by providing innovative products designed for the small and medium scale enterprise with structured cost, and terms mechanism that meets their growing financing needs.

Kerdos Credit Capital Limited

Cedar Hive Ventures

Cedar Hive Ventures division provides original, fundamental insights and analysis for clients in a wide range of markets, economies and issues. The team works to provide market views, forecasts and recommendations covering areas such as resource allocation and investment strategies. Our research reports help investors better understand the issues and trends that affect companies, industries and markets across Africa.

Trust Forte Insurance Limited is a financial service company that undertakes insurance brokerage services. It is committed to providing cutting edge financial solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients. Trust Forte employs it’s strong industry knowledge and risk management know how to advice it’s clients (individuals and companies) on suitable insurance coverage policies. It also aids client with faster claims recovery leveraging on it’s strong contacts with insurers.

Trust Forte Insurance Brokers Limited

Cedar Operating Partners Limited

Cedar Operating Partners Limited is a front- line firm with world class standards which offers financial and legal services to multinationals and start-up companies. Cedar Operating Partners aims to create value in start-ups and established companies by providing a variety of offerings including due diligence, company secretarial and compliance services.

Cedar Technologies & Business Analytics is a consulting firm which specializes in validating the ideas behind technology Start-ups for venture capital investment on behalf of Cedar Group and its partners. Cedar Technologies and Business Analytics also specialises on advising clients on Software Quality Assurance, Software development and Cyber security through quality technology research, big data analytics and business intelligence.

Kerdos Analytics