About us

Cedar Group (“Cedar”) is a frontline Company with bespoke financial services tailored to suit clients’ needs. We possess core competencies in our service areas, which we have acquired over several years. With our team of professionals, We believe in giving expert advice, regardless of the outcome. We have an impressive portfolio of diverse clients across various sectors of the Nigerian economy. We deliver value on a competitive fee arrangement, which is both time- and value-based.

Diverse Team

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Deep Industry Insight

Practical Solution with Excellent Delivery

We have been able to create a niche in the market entry space with a focus on Insurance, Technology and Healthcare. We hold the hands of our clients, as they sojourn into the Nigerian market, ensuring that they succeed within the Nigerian commercial market. The foundation of our heritage remains client-focused service delivery which has given us a reputation for effective coordination of local and cross-border projects. We represent our client’s interests first, and view the process as a means to achieve our client’s goals. We believe that a successful  transaction should be fair where both  parties achieve their desired outcome.

Our Mission

We aim to assist our clients in achieving their business objectives efficiently, while minimising all potential risks.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on the solid foundation of insightful research. Our in-house team have an ear  to the ground in all markets  that we are present in. Additional inputs  are constantly sought from our network  of partners across the globe, our Nigeria  based market research back-office and  third-party research. At Cedar, we  study the client’s needs, and jointly  prepare a solution strategy.

Completed Transactions